Drum Tuning

We can tune your drums either at our premises or yours (Adelaide area). We can also select and provide appropriate drum heads at competitive prices.

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"DRUM CLINIC has helped me bring the best out of my drum kit with great tuning techniques and personalised advice. I have achieved the sound I was after and can now maintain it myself with the knowledge gained.
The support is always available to discuss any drumming issues and also for general musical support.
Many thanks".

Drum Tuning

Drum Tuning

Drum Tuition

Drum Clinic is now open for limited places in the Adelaide area for drum tuition. Conducted at your place or our own fully equipped, air conditioned studio in Adelaide’s inner West. Moderate rates, beginner to intermediate classes structured to suit your budget and availability.

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Drum Tuition

Drum Restoration

Have a vintage or shabby drumkit that needs bringing back to life?
We offer all levels of drum restoration including parts sourcing, re-wrapping, new heads and tuning, detailing and limited modifications - all at moderate rates. Everything from a complete ‘A’ grade overhaul to a check-over and tune-up. Because every requirement is unique, prices and duration of your restoration will vary so we will need to discuss specifics.

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“Since enlisting the services of DRUM CLINIC, my life is so much easier and my drums have never sounded better! They are genuinely enthusiastic about getting the best out of the instrument… I don’t think I could cope without them now.
I can feel confident about how to tune my kit.
The attention to detail with regard to restoring my old kit was fantastic. Thank you DRUM CLINIC”

Drum Tuition



From time to time we are asked to source certain vintage equipment, both spare parts and entire set-ups. We are very happy to offer this service so email us with your detailed requirement. We also hold a large collection of vintage catalogues for accurate identification and dating.

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Drum Tuition

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The Complete Guide to Drum Tuning


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer, you need to know and understand the principles of tuning your drums.

The Complete Guide to Drum Tuning has been developed and tested over many years to help you achieve the results you seek and is presented in straight-forward, easy to follow language. All the important principles are outlined here and will help you in understanding the physical properties of your instrument. This information is invaluable for anyone interested in achieving and maintaining a great sound from acoustic drums.

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